Cory Greenberg: What Clients and Colleagues Say

"During the two years I was the Associate Director of a national non-profit, Cory served on our Board of Advisors. His wisdom and advice often cut straight through to the heart of a complex problem. Cory was always aware of the human element in any situation and was always careful to consider the effect of a chosen course of action on our clients and staff. Cory is able to think on both the macro and micro levels and see the relationships between them. His knowledge of finance and the ability to explain financial matters was invaluable to me. His integrity and willingness to speak clearly and directly about difficult situations is admirable. Based on my direct experience of working with him, I highly recommend him to those seeking a trustworthy advisor."

René Théberge, MSM, MPH, Associate Director (Retired), Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society, University of Massachusetts Medical School

"For over 20 years we have benefited from working with Cory Greenberg. We greatly appreciate the sincere and caring manner in which he has helped us grow and maintain profitability. His advice has proved to be reliable, creative and nothing less than indispensable to the existence of our company."

Stephen Ryza, President, Industrious Software Solutions, Inc.

"Cory Greenberg has been an insightful and knowledgeable ally for me. He is thorough and a master at analyzing many details, but also excels at putting data into a useful "big picture" viewpoint, which helps me frame key business decisions. I cannot imagine considering a complex business transaction without first consulting him."

Dr. Barry Elson, Director, Northampton Wellness Associates, LLC

"It’s been a wonderful comfort to know I can count on Cory Greenberg’s clarity and sound judgment to work through a diverse breadth of business issues. Cory blends his business/financial expertise with his ability to explain and communicate complex financial issues clearly.  Cory's contributions facilitate reaching wise and thoughtful decisions."

Marlene Reisman, Assistant Vice President, ISO, Inc. (Verisk Analytics)

"Cory’s breadth of business experience brings critical judgment and strong leadership qualities to our organization – all vital to growing a successful business. We serve together on the board of a start up business that became sustainable in two years. Cory’s financial skills and discipline as treasurer have been critical to achieving this success. Cory was a leading member of the team that created the business concept and business plan, and he negotiated the property purchase – well below the asking price – and structured the acquisition financing. Cory is a team player and a visionary leader."

Josie Sentner, Chairperson, Ten Directions, Inc. (through May 16, 2010)

"Having been on many boards, I have seen the difficulty that often occurs in bringing all board members up to speed on the details of an organization's financial statements. Cory does the best job I've ever seen of making this information understandable to people without financial backgrounds.

He is clear, concise and never condescending, and he makes even the most difficult and complex financial concepts understandable and interesting.

Cory is also highly skilled at showing the possible financial consequences of different courses of action, so that a manager can make the best decision possible."

Laurie Leonard, MBA, MSW
Chairperson, Ten Directions, Inc.; Former President and General Manger, WMTV

"I've worked with Cory and have seen firsthand how he builds a business by developing a strategy and implementation plans. Cory understands finances and business issues and what is needed to build a strong business. I am impressed with his ability to analyze complex information and communicate it in an understandable format. Additionally, Cory's warm, personal style makes it easy to develop a comfortable working relationship. I have seen Cory take a strong stand when necessary to ensure that premature or poor decisions are not made. I have the highest confidence and trust in Cory's integrity. Cory's clarity, expertise and experience make him indispensable as an advisor and a strong addition to any team."

Jesse Stoner, organizational consultant and author of Full Steam Ahead: Unleash the Power of Vision in your Business

"I've worked with Cory Greenberg for over 25 years in a variety of businesses. He is an incredibly lucid thinker, has great powers of clear and simple articulation, and has remarkable facility with numbers. Together we completed numerous business transactions, and his capacity to navigate the webs of complexity invariably ease my mind. The openness of thought and ease of spirit he brings to each new project makes the challenge of the NEW both exciting and fresh, and the process of analysis a journey of discovery for both of us. When I need advice or help Cory is the man I turn to - I cannot recommend anyone more highly.

Brian Ackerman, Programing Director at Jacob Burns Film Center and
movie industry veteran