We will achieve tangible results, combining your intimate knowledge of your business with my 30 year career in both business and non-profits as an owner, managing partner, investor, chief financial officer, treasurer and board member.

We will work together to clarify your thinking, translate your ideas into strategies and step-by-step action plans, and project the financial results before implementation.

I can explain the financial implications of various courses of action.

You will get specialized focused attention because I limit my practice to a select group of clients. You will work directly with me and no one else.

  • Build your business by developing a strategy and implementation plans:
    • How do your ideas translate into a profitable business?
    • What key strategies will create success?
    • What concrete steps must be taken?
    • How will the plan play out financially?
    • Do you need to raise cash to achieve this, and if so, how much?
    • Use the plan to build on your strengths and address your weaknesses.
  • I help with specific issues/tasks:
    • Budgeting and projections:
      • What is the financial impact of your decisions?
      • How will your plans unfold financially?
      • What steps can be taken to increase revenue and decrease expenses?
      • What will your cash flow be?
    • Financing:
      • How much do you need?
      • Where to get it and how.
      • Negotiate with banks and other investors.
    • Real estate and leasing:
      • Purchases, sales and leasing.
      • Development and management issues.
      • Contract negotiations.
    • Exit strategies.
    • Deal structure.
    • Negotiation strategies.
    • Managing projects with accountants, lawyers and other outside professionals.
  • I explain complicated financial statements and financial structures in lay terms, and help you use this information to manage and grow your business.
  • Working together we will create options to leverage your existing opportunities, find new ones and reduce your dependence on one course of action, buyer/seller, supplier, market, etc.

“Cory’s wisdom and advice cut straight through to the heart of a complex problem - I highly recommend him to those seeking a trustworthy advisor.”

René Théberge, MSM, MPH, Associate Director (Retired), Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society, University of Massachusetts Medical School

“Masterful at analyzing details, but also excels at putting your data into a useful ‘big picture’ viewpoint, which helps frame your key business decisions. I wouldn't consider a complex business transaction without first consulting Cory.”

Dr. Barry Elson, Director, Northampton Wellness Associates, LLC

“Cory does the best job I've ever seen of making information understandable to people without financial backgrounds.”

Laurie Leonard, MBA, MSW; Chairperson, Ten Directions, Inc.; Former President and General Manger, WMTV

“Cory understands finances and business issues and what is needed to build a strong business. Cory's clarity, expertise and experience make him indispensable.”

Jesse Stoner, organizational consultant and author of "Full Steam Ahead: Unleash the Power of Vision in your Business"

“Mr Greenberg's advice has proved to be reliable, creative and nothing less than indispensable to the existence of our company.”

Stephen Ryza, President, Industrious Software Solutions, Inc.

“Cory’s financial skills and discipline are critical to our success. Cory is a team player and a visionary leader.”

Josie Sentner, former Chairperson,
Ten Directions, Inc.

“When I need advice or help Cory is the man I turn to - I cannot recommend anyone more highly.”

Brian Ackerman, Programing Director at Jacob Burns Film Center and movie industry veteran